Ohio Study on HD and Mitochondria ​

A research team in Ohio is conducting a study to learn more about ways to diagnose Huntington’s disease (HD) and determine severity of HD symptoms. The purpose of this study is to identify small molecules that can be measured in the blood and spinal fluid in order to determine the stage and severity of Huntington’s disease and to determine whether someone has HD. This is called mitochondrial metabolomics. Dr. Steven Gunzler and his team are seeking volunteers with HD to participate in this research study. It involves 3-4 visits to the Neurological Institute at University Hospitals (South Euclid, Ohio) over 18-19 months, for physical examinations and blood tests. Some volunteers will also have a lumbar puncture to collect spinal fluid. To participate, you must be aged 20-80 years, have no other progressive neurological condition, and have tested positive for the HD gene. Contact study coordinator Dave Korosec at 216-844-1800 to participate.

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